Inglot Cosmetics Haul and Review

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So, a couple of months ago I did an Inglot haul, I decided to wait with posting about it as I was waiting to try the products.  I have used Inglot before in South Africa and I have been a fan.  It has been a while since I purchased any of their products as you cannot find them easily here in Thailand.  The reason for this is that they do not sell their products in countries where there is animal testing.  You can purchase some of their products online from Beautylish, I myself have not purchased from this online shop, but have seen online that they do ship to Thailand.

 I got my my products from Poland, as a colleague of mine went there and was kind enough to take the time (and my list) to go to the Inglot shop for me. He managed to get everything I asked for except one item.  Needless to say when he called me to tell me that he had got the products I couldn't wait.

The first thing I got was the Inglot  HD foundation:


So as we all know, foundation is difficult to match when you are not there to try it.  The lovely sales lady got it pretty spot on.  I really like this foundation and I use it rather sparingly as I don't want it to run out. (silly I know).  But there are really only a few foundations that I am quite crazy about and I am petrified they run out.... (we all work on a budget :) ).

Then next thing I got was the translucent powder..

I have been using this product for "baking" and I am quite happy with how it looks.  I will definitely re purchase this when it runs out.

Next two things I tried were the Inglot liquid lipsticks:

The bright pink color is in the shade 14 and the salmon pink shade is 11.  These lipsticks are absolutely stunning. The colors are so vibrant.  When they dry down they do not make your lips feel like all the moisture is being sucked out of them.  I love liquid lipsticks and haven't had huge success in testing matte liquid lipsticks. These so far have been the most comfortable to wear and have good "staying" power.

The next item is the blusher:


This is a really pretty blusher, it has glitter in it.  For day wear it is ok, but I am not a huge fan because don't really like glittery blushers. If you like that kind of blusher then this is a good one for you.

I also bought a freedom palette and chose some shades.  I went for shimmer shades as I plan to have one palette for shimmers and one palette for matte shades. The case for these palettes are really nice, the lid is magnetic and feels really sturdy.

I am really happy with these shades and I am really happy with the pigmentation.  They are really pretty and blend well.  I think these swatches definitely speak for themselves.  I am loving the "red brick" color in the crease.  The 3 lighter shades can be used to highlight.  I will definitely purchase more shadow shades.

The final two products I got was the Kohl Pencil 01 and Mascara:


I have used this Kohl pencil before, in fact the first time I used it I was in high school.  I still love it just as much.  It glides on so easily and the color pay off is amazing. I recommend this eyeliner to everyone.  You can never go wrong if you are looking for an everyday black liner. The mascara is a new one for me, I have never tried their mascaras before I bought this one. I am really loving it as it gives me a nice length.  I don't need to layer and layer, two coats does the job nicely.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, let me know in the comments which Inglot products are your favorite!

*Please note that I purchased these products myself and all opinions expressed here are my own,.*

Remember you are in charge of your own happiness, we live in an extraordinary world! Enjoy it! Make the most of it.

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