Colourpop Lipstick Review

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So as you might have seen in my previous post (read it: here) I have a bit of an obsession with liquid lipsticks at the the moment. I made it my mission to try and get hold of some Colourpop  Liquid Lipsticks as I have seen many people raving about them.

I did some research trying to find Colourpop products in Thailand. It wasn't easy but I managed to find someone in Thailand who distributes original Colourpop products (as well as some other brands).  Many of you are probably thinking "Why not order off Colourpop's website?"  Well I cannot bring myself to pay 25$ for shipping if the products I want doesn't even amount to that value...

So I have managed to get my hands on 2 satin lips which are Littlestitious and Alyssa. I also ordered one matte shade which is Highball. 


Now my feelings on these liquid lips are that I really like the satin lips and will definitely be purchasing more shades. They are nice on the lips and rather pigmented. They are comfortable to wear and reccomend them to anyone. 


The Ultra matte one that I have which is such a pretty colour called Highball I have tried more than once and each time I end up wiping it off. It is so uncomfortably drying and I honestly feel like I want to rip my lips off... I have tried putting a lip balm  as a base and then using the lipstick and I have the same effect. It crumbles and all round doesn't look nice after an hour or two. I have to say that the pigment is awesome and again it's such a stunning color. I wish it worked better for me but unfortunately I can't wear it. 


So overall, I think I will try and purchase another ultra matte shade and see if that makes a difference. I will definitely purchase the satin lips formula again...

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*Please note that all opinions expressed in this post are my own and I have purchased all these products myself.*

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