Lipstick Review

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog.  So I have been trying out a few different lipsticks over the last month, they are different brands, which I really wanted to give a try.  So on different days I have been wearing different ones.

They are NYX soft  matte lip cream shades: Sydney, San Paulo and Milan. NYX lip gloss in Dolly Pink and Clinique Pop in the shade Punch Pop.

First, I will talk about the NYX Soft matte lip creams. My favorite one of these shades so far is Milan.  I am quite a fan of wearing a pink lip, but obviously with working etc I can't be wearing bright pink all the time, so this definitely is a good color for work and I find myself reaching for this shade. I am not a fan of Sydney, as when I put it on its quite streaky and I find that I need to reapply it like twice before I can leave the house.  I think that it's a really pretty color but doesn't work for me unfortunately as it doesn't have a lot of "staying power".  Overall I think that these lipsticks are a good price for everyday wear, but definitely pop it in your bag for reapplication if you plan to be eating and drinking.  They take a while to dry down so have patience :).


 I have also been using the NYX lip gloss in the shade Dolly Pink, I quite like the color for everyday use.  Its not a super bright pink and it is not "sticky" on me. With eating and drinking it definitely comes off, so reapplication is needed (if you drink as much coffee as I do). I think that it's worth the price as it's not expensive and definitely quite a lot of product in the tube. The applicator is quite a nice size and gets the job done.

The next lipstick I am going to talk about is Clinique.  Now, the lipstick I am loving is the Clinique Pop lipstick in the shade Punch Pop. I really like this lipstick, This is a little more pricey, but oh so worth it. It is a really pretty color and has quite a long "staying power".  My fiance' actually bought this as a gift for me on one of his travels and I am super impressed. It is creamy upon application and I don' feel like my lips are drying up. This is rather pleasant as here in Thailand we are permanently hot and thirsty. I really want to try some other colors in this range so will definitely need to purchase some.

So overall, all these are wearable (some obviously better than others.)

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post.  I have to thank my mom for being my photographer! We really had some good laughs taking these photos.

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*Please note that I purchased all these products myself and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

Remember you are in charge of your own happiness, we live in an extraordinary world! Enjoy it! Make the most of it.

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