Bangkok Shopping Trip


Hey Everyone, welcome back to my blog.  So last week I took a trip to Bangkok to meet my mom who arrived back from her yearly South Africa trip. (She also has a blog, you can follow her here.)

I try to make a trip to Bangkok every couple of months (when possible) to do some shopping! When I heard that Sephora had opened a shop here in Thailand my first thought was...well there goes all my money.  Now if you haven't been able to tell, I am a sucker for any makeup/beauty related things.  I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to meet my mom and we can go shopping together.  Now I also do this trip to buy some food goodies as well.  

After my mom arrived, we checked in and had a bit of a catch up and she showed me all the lovely gifts that she and family back home had sent for my daughter. (All beautiful things and brands we don't have here.)  We then cleaned up and started our shopping trip.

The first stop was to one of the Sephora's (they have two!). Well I walked in and pretty much almost fainted, I was so overwhelmed with all the possibilities... I actually said to my mom that I had no idea to where to start. We walked around and then mom and I agreed to go have a coffee and piece of pie to gather thoughts and make decisions on what I really wanted. (Obviously I had to take my budget into account or I would've spent all the money we have.)

    Becca, Jacklyn Hill Highlighter in the shade                              Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 
     Champagne Pop 1650 Thb                                                              Shade: Light Beige 1850 THB

I finally came to the decision that I needed to try the Becca and Jaclyn Hill highlighter in the shade Champagne Pop.  I have used cream highlighters before and for my personally they don't work well.  Ideally I would have loved the Jacklyn Hill Face Palette, buy unfortunately they don't have it here in Thailand (Sad Face). I was also looking for a nice foundation and the lovely lady who helped me suggested I try Too Faced, Born this way foundation. I wanted to purchase some NYX products from here buy literally everything was sold out.  The lovely lady suggested I go to Eve And Boy, which is not far from Siam Central Mall. I must say thank you to the staff at the Sephora in Siam Central, really nice and helpful.

We made out way out the mall and pulled out the phone so that Google Maps could help us out.  We managed to find the place quite easily (Thanks Google).  The shop was packed full of people, We went straight to the NYX counter, they had everything you could think of in stock....(aaaaaah I died and went to heaven.) Now the reason I was so keen to get these NYX products is because before coming to Thailand I had never heard of them.  

    2 soft matte lip creams in the shades                                      HD concealer 395THB
    Milano and Sydney, Lip Gloss in Pink
    Each cost 295 THB

I picked up 3 lip products and 1 concealer from the NYX counter.  I also picked up a makeup setting spray.

                                     Revolution Setting Spray 490 THB

The next day, we went to Platinum Fashion Mall where I wanted to find some shoes for my daughter, I came across a makeup accessory shop and found these beauty blenders and makeup brushes.

    I paid 350 THB for the beauty blenders.                                                 I paid 350 THB for the brush on the left and the
                                                                                                                             one on the right.  The Elf brush I bought from Eve
                                                                                                                             And Boy for 299 THB

So, this was all the makeup related things that I bought.  I am super happy with the purchases and excited to be trying them all out.  I did make some other purchases which I will put into my next post.  Needless to say I was one very happy lady after I left Bangkok to go home.

Let me know what your favorite makeup products are!!

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Please Note:  All products written about in this post was purchased by me.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Remember you are in charge of your own happiness, we live in an extraordinary world! Enjoy it! Make the most of it.


  1. Yes, and with your help, I also spent way too much money lol. I can't believe how my shopping preferences have changed from shoes to beauty products, with your advice, help and a little shove in the right direction. :-)

    1. Awww makeup is a lot of fun!! Now to review! Where to start! ;)

  2. Oooooh please start with the foundation & concealer, then work your way to the highlighters and then lastly those nice looking NYX products! Flip im so jealous of those BBF's!!!
    Cant wait to read the review