I'm Back....Sick Toddler! Tonsil and Adenoid Removal...

Hey everyone, I have been missing in action for a while, but I am back.

I was away due to my daughter being ill.  She started getting high fevers a little while ago, it caused her to have a convulsion and stop breathing.  The cause of her fevers was re-occurring tonsillitis  After receiving antibiotics and recovering she was sent home.

Three weeks later, she woke up at 4am asking me for water.  I felt her head and it was quite hot again.  Took her temperature and bam 38.5 degree Celsius. We gave her some medication, sponged her down and took her straight back to the hospital.  She was then admitted again.  Bloods were drawn and the infection was back in her tonsils.  The Doctor then requested and ears, nose and throat specialist come and see her.

He told me that her tonsils were a problem and suggests that we have them removed. He then requested an X-ray of her adenoids as well.  That afternoon we received confirmation that both needed to be removed.  He said it would be done the same day.  We had to stop giving her food and drink.  She then went into theater at 9:30pm.

She remained in the hospital for a further 3 days. She came home and it was a rather difficult time with her pain management and her eating. It took just over 2 weeks for her to not have pain. She is all better now and doesn't need mommy constantly. So I plan to get straight into blogging again.

If you would like a more detailed mommy blog about her surgery and recovery let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading!! 

A picture taken after she came out of surgery

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  1. I am 23 and still have my tonsils but I literally cannot imagine anything worse! I am so glad she's feeling better.

  2. It was an incredibly rough road, but hoping that it will help with her not getting sick so often. Was not nice seeing her in pain... You feel helpless.