Maybelline Products Review 2

I recently wrote a post about my Mini Boots and Karmart Haul. In this haul I bought some Maybelline products (again). I came across their new lipsticks and I decided to try them.  Needless to say, I am in love with these lip colors.

Now if you know me well, you would know that I have never been a lipstick person. I always thought that it didn't suit me.  I also was never sure what the right color would be.  Later in life (like the last 3-4 years) I became a little braver and have attempted to wear lipstick.  I can honestly say that I am now a lipstick person after finding these lipsticks.

They are matte lipsticks, usually I find that some brands tend to dry my lips out, so they end up looking like I have some disease. (I'm probably exaggerating)  So when I saw these colors and they said that it was matte, I was a bit skeptical.  I have been converted! They don't make look diseased and I think they look pretty good. I have the shades: "Vivid 3 Maprang Violet Pink" and "Mat 3 Linly Soft Pink"  I really like them both but of the two "Violet Pink" is my favorite.

Swatches of these two lip colors!

Here I am wearing "Violet Pink"

You can buy these products at any Maybelline counters in the malls or you can buy them at your local supermarket if the one near you stocks makeup. I found you can purchase them online in Thailand. I will leave links below.

*Please note I purchased these products myself.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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Links In Thailand
Violet Pink
Soft Pink

Thank you for reading, Leave a comment telling me which lipsticks are your favorite matte lipsticks!
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  1. Those colours are lovely. Loving your posts, taking some tips.

  2. Lovely, I also think that the Violet Pink suits you! Especially with your new summer cut!x