Things Mommy's can use as alternatives In Thailand

I have been asked a few times by different people what products I use here in Thailand for my child as an alternative to products which we would of used if we had been back home,  I decided that it would be a good idea to write about it.

So when we found out that I was pregnant it was all kind of daunting because I was thinking "What products am I going to use here for my child?" I thought this simply because, where we live brands like Pampers, Huggies and Cuddlers are not freely available.  You might find Pampers once in a blue moon and only the pull up Huggies... Definitely not suitable for a baby.
Needless to say, while pregnant I often wandered the baby section at out local Big C, and I came across brands I had never heard of before, let alone try to pronounce their names,  I was definitely lost...but I had time.

We were fortunate enough to make a trip back home where our amazing friends arranged a baby shower for me.  Well this was a lovely surprise as I received many products as gifts for our baby.  I also received some clothes and bottles.  I specifically wanted Tommee Tippee bottles and was lucky to get them as I had no clue where to buy them in Thailand.

Fast forward a few months, I came to the realization that I would definitely need to make a plan to get alternatives for the products I had. I decided that I would buy the Mamy Poko brand of diapers as they seemed like good quality.  I came to find that Johnson and Johnson powders were freely available here too. I also found that you could buy Tommee Tippee bottles online here.  I also managed to find a baby shop here in the town where we live which stocked Tommee Tippee (not a huge variety but the basics).

When our daughter was born we started her straight away with the Mamy Poko diapers, she never had any reaction to them what so ever. I was really glad about this.  I used a product from back home called "Fissan Paste" when changing her diapers... These tubes started to run out.  I was lucky enough to find that Bepanthem cream is freely available here in Thailand. This also worked well with our little girl.  We were fortunate to also have no problems with the Tommee Tippee bottles.  We never had any colic problems.  I am a true believer in Tommee Tippee.

When our daughter was a little older I decided to try the Huggies brand of diapers on her... It didn't work well with her at all. After wearing one diaper she had a rash at the first diaper change.  Needless to say it was straight back to Mamy Poko. She is still in diapers but she is now wearing Mamy Poko pull-ups, which again, works well with her.
I also use the Mamy Poko wet wipes, If they are sold out then I will use Pigeon.

As our daughter has gotten older she is no longer using the Tommee Tippee bottles. She is now using a brand called Pureen, they are quite cute as the have cartoon characters on them.  They are really affordable and you can buy replacement teats for around sixty Thai Baht.  They are also available in bigger sized bottles.

These brands are all available at the local shops like Big C and Tesco.  The creams are available at the Boots Pharmacy.

Things like Panado Syrup is not here but the alternative is Tylonal. It has always worked for her and I have never had to use anything stronger. I have found that you can buy stronger pain and fever medication over the counter such as Nurofen. (I have never used it myself but I do know that it is available here).

You can buy baby food in jars here, they stock the following brands in Thailand Heinz.
When my daughter started on solids we started with a brand called: "Baby Natura", the plain rice cereal. This particular brand appealed to me because it is organic and affordable.  My daughter ate the carrot, pumpkin and banana flavour.  We then started her on another brand called "Peachy", there is a wide variety of flavors and my daughter enjoyed most of them.  I used these things in addition to cooking food for her.

When she started teething we found "Dozo Baby Bite" these are lovely as i never had to worry about my daughter chocking as they go soft fairly quickly.  My daughter enjoyed the original and the banana flavor.

I hope that reading this blog it will be helpful to anyone needing products as alternatives while they are here in Thailand.  Thank you for reading, See you again soon.

Bye for now.

Please note that all opinions on this blog are my own.  I purchased these products myself.

Baby Natura Organic Rice Cereal

Dozo Baby Bites - Teething biscuits

Peachy Baby Food

Most of these products are available at your local Tesco and Big C.

Here are some links to some of the products mentioned above.

Places to buy in Thailand:

Tommee Tippee
Mamy Poko:
Pureen bottles
Baby Natura:
Baby Bite:

If you are interested in buying Tommee Tippee elsewhere in the world I do believe they are available on Amazon
Tommee Tippee

Pureen is also available on Amazon if you are outside of Thailand:
Pureen Banana Bottles BPA free

Remember you are in charge of your own happiness, we live in an extraordinary world! Enjoy it! Make the most of it!


  1. Great. Very useful info for foreign moms here.

  2. Nice to read your stories and ways of adapting Megz. Love and miss you. Xxx