The Move To Thailand (Part 2)

We finished the TEFL course and the very next day we went to the train station to catch a train from Chiang Mai to a town called Phichit.  My mom  was teaching in this town and we wanted to be with her.  We rented a whole songthaew to transport our lives which were in suitcases and boxes to the train station. We bought our snacks for the train trip.  The nice part was, because we had our whole lives with us, we had our blankets and pillows.  This definitely made the trip a whole lot more comfortable. We pretty much slept all the way there.  This trip ended up taking 6 hours.

Once we arrived in Phichit, we were welcomed at the train station by my mom and  the director of the English department of the school where my mom worked.  She had a nice big car which could easily fit all our luggage.
We were kindly dropped off at the place where my mom stayed and we officially "moved in" with mom. We stayed in a bachelor type apartment which was actually quite big.  The bed was massive!  Three of us slept in this bed, but it didn't feel like you were sharing a bed with 2 other people.
This was the start of a whole new adventure...

So our first few days in this town were rather interesting, (coming from a very big province like Chiang Mai) as only mom had a motorcycle so when she came home we used to do the walk.  We would walk to small nearby restaurants to go for dinner.  This was always an experience as you never knew what "creature" you would come across.  Chiang Mai is a tourist destination with many places to eat, a lot to do and definitely a lot to see.  We had just moved to "Real Thailand" not the place you see on post cards etc. So it was normal to see the odd rat, cockroach, cricket or gecko. 

We had a lot of fun experiences in this little town. We had some motorcycle journeys, ate at our local favorite restaurant called Triple B.  Mom and I loved shopping at "Happy Plaza" as it was pretty much the only place to shop besides the market.   Happy Plaza had quite a nice Tesco.  We had mastered carrying groceries on our motorcycles like champions.

My fiance' and I only managed to find a part time job and this wasn't a stable income.   We had looked everywhere, but due to the size of this town and the limited number of schools that were in and around town did not employ foreigners(falangs), or they already had enough people working there.  Surrounding towns only had a job for one person... We wanted to be together in the same town, not necessarily the same school, but definitely the same town.  So as a family we came to the conclusion that clearly Phichit was not the town for us...  We did meet some lovely people there but it was time to move on...we had lived there for roughly 6 months.

We started searching online, we were contacted by an agency that promised a job for all three of us in the same town... we packed everything and made our way to the bus station. We stored a lot of our things at a friend and off we went...

I hope you enjoyed reading... I will continue this story in Part 3... You don't want to miss what happened to us next.

Some photos from Phichit:

 My Fiance' on the left and our friend Daniel.

 This photo taken at Triple B

 Mom and I having a great time with the face masks we found at Watsons.  Totally new to us.

My Fiance and I having a laugh.

Mom and I rocking our Tesco Tops and loving life!

 Me making friends with our dinner. 

A pretty sunset my mom captured when a friend (from south africa) and I were paddling our duck boat.

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  1. Good times. You left out Friday night dinners lol.

  2. I will put it into a favorite moment in Thailand so far.

  3. Very interesting, Megz. Keep it up! xox