My Night Time Skin Routine

I think that sometimes we need a quick skin care routine as we don't always have time for long processes... Being a mom i sometimes only get to touch my skin care products at around 10pm, by this time i am so exhausted after the days events.

The first thing I do is take off my eye make up (most of the time just eyeliner and mascara) I use Boots Cucumber eye make-up remover gel.  I have gone through a couple of different eye makeup removers and this is the only one that doesn't burn the living daylights out of my eyes or leave me with a funky reaction.  According to the bottle it says that it is "vitamin enriched for radiant skin" which is good to know because we all need a little radiance in our lives.  This product also says it is for all skin types.

The second step is using the Nivea Make Up Clear, Cleansing Water.  I use this product to take off the rest of my makeup.  It works really well with removing all powder and foundation, It also has an acne oil control function which is very handy.

Thirdly, I then hop into the shower and then use my face wash which is the Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum Foam Cleanser (multi tasking). It is Anti Acne, For sensitive skin, Oil Control, Brightening, Spot remover and Tea Tree Serum.  Yes, I use anti acne because for some unknown reason I still get spots... so seemingly, I will never "grow" out of it... This cleanser is lovely, my face always feels so clean after I use it.

The last step, I just pop some moisturizer on, I have been using the Cathy Doll Aloe Vera HA.  It is a gel moisturizer and soaks into the skin really well.  It doesn't make your skin feel sticky at all.  When I wake up in the morning my skin feels really soft.

I hope you enjoyed reading!  Let me know if there is anything in particular you are interested in reading about.

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  1. I also use the eye make-up remover, it's a great product.