Introducing myself

So today I have some free time and decided that I would finally start my blog... I have wanted to do this for a while but never managed to find the time. Now that I have some free time i decided that there is no time like the present...

So who am I? My Name is Meggyn, I come from South Africa and I currently live in Thailand, I am 29 years old and  I live here with my fiance', daughter and my mom.  We moved here almost 4 years ago.  We decided to "make a change" in our lives and see the world.  While living in South Africa we always felt like 'we were going no where slowly"... That was due to all the politics and things happening there but, I am not going to go into that and that is not the reason i wanted to start blogging.

I decided that I would like to write about living life as a foreigner in Thailand as well as our experiences and things that we experience almost on a daily basis.  I also thought that one day when I am old and grey it would be nice to look back and reflect on what we did with our lives.

So currently, we are all teachers here in Thailand and work everyday teaching English and various other subjects (in English of course).  People always ask:"Whats it like?"  well it has its ups and downs.  It is not always easy to try and teach things to students who don't speak the same language as you.  When you finally see the "light" switch on then its totally worth it.

Another question we get asked a lot... "Can you speak Thai?" the answer is yes.  We call it "survival Thai". My daughter speaks Thai quite well (she is only 2) and she teaches us too.

We enjoy traveling and seeing new things so we are hoping to see more of South East Asia and I would like to document that too.  

I also plan to blog about food, different kinds of products and daily life as a foreigner in Thailand.
I hope that whoever reads this will enjoy it and will find things as interesting as we do. I also think that if no one reads it it will be nice to look back on as a diary of our lives,

So yesterday was Fathers Day in Thailand (they celebrate on a different day than most other countries as it is also the King's birthday. Incidentally mother's day is celebrated on the Queen's birthday in August.)  The town where we live has been rather quiet this weekend. I guess everyone has gone their own way to other towns, to go and visit their families and take advantage of the long weekend.  

I decided to cook a nice roast lamb today (imported from New Zealand) for dinner (lamb is a real treat here as it is not readily available). We are going to have it with some roast potatoes and probably broccoli and white sauce. Mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I better get on my way to cook it, because that meat ain't cooking itself.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and I'll be back soon! I'll pop some photos down below.

This is a photo of my fiance', daughter and myself taken on the 4/12/15. This was taken at my daughters school (yes they wear uniforms at young ages here)

Mmmm our imported New Zealand Lamb which i am busy cooking.

The finished meal! Yummy!!

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