Having my nails done...

Many people around where I live always comment on my nails, asking where I have them done etc... So before I get into that I'll tell you why I started doing my nails.  Firstly I have always been a nail biter (gross I know!) and there are times when I stop biting my nails and then they grow beautifully, then one day out of the blue I just rip them all off. I don't know why I do this...  Secondly my fiance and I decided that this will be my monthly treat (points for him there!).

I started going to a lady that had a small shop inside one of the shopping centers where I live. This wasn't a regular thing, I first went to her  for my toes when I was pregnant  as I couldn't see them anymore to be able to do them.  I then didn't worry with my nails until my daughter was about a year old. (I didn't want to be poking her eyes out!)

I started going regularly again about a year ago, to the same lady who had by then moved her shop to the bigger mall in our town.  Her shop is called "Mays Nails".  If I have to compare the prices to back home it's actually really affordable.  I am also very impressed with the quality of her work and products.  When my nails are short I usually have her build tips for me, they are amazing! I hardly have any breakages. This says a lot as my hands are always in water with washing dishes, cleaning with detergents and washing bottles.

My mother is also a fan of their work and has her nails done regularly too. She also has very creative arty things done!

I am a glitter and sparkly kinda girl, I like my nails to have a glitter effect.  So my nails are normally acrylic with a gel overlay.  When my own nails are long then she firsts puts a layer of acrylic and then the gel again.

This is when she has built the tips for me and done her gel overlay.  She actually sponges with white and blue gel polish and then puts the glitter over it.

This was also built tips, sponging pearl gel color and then glitter gel.

I sometimes get some crazy ideas and do something funky. This was on my own nails and I went for a "mermaid" look.

I usually have a lot of pink done on my nails but for some reason I don't have any pictures of them (Not winning in the "taking photos" department).  This lady can do anything you ask her to do, she is extremely creative with nail art.

 Some more of their work! (Mine being the purple glitter)

This is the latest one that I have, and by far one of my favorites I have had this since 18 January and I haven't had one breakage.  I am in definite need of a fill now more than one month later. These are also my own nails with an overlay.

So overall I am very glad that I found this lady! She is amazing at what she does.  I am never disappointed in her work.  She has a team of three and they are all amazing. If one of them aren't there you can go to any one of them as they are all equally as artistic.

Check out more of her and her colleagues' work, here is a link to her Facebook Page: May Nails

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  1. By far the best "nail ladies". Not to mention the good laughs we have as well.