Morphe Brushes - Contour Palette Review

Morphe Brushes Contour Palette

I bought this contour palette online after watching some YOUTUBE videos, it was recommended by more than one Youtuber.

I ordered the palette here in Thailand (Luckily there seems to be only one supplier).  I am so grateful for the fast and efficient service provided by Morphe Brushes Thailand.  I will link them down below if you would like to check out their Facebook page.  I will definitely say again how impressed I am with their service, if you send them a message on Facebook they typically respond in a matter of minutes.  Again thank you for your fast and prompt service.

Right, onto the palette, there are 6 shades as you can see in the photo below:

The lightest shade is incredible for a high light and brightening up under the eyes and on the brow bone. If you are fair skinned then the shade to the right of the lightest shade is a nice contrast color as well as the one above (middle left).  So you can pop a little of that under the highlight before you start using the middle right color to contour your face.
I even use the top left to do my eyebrows and the darkest shade under my eyes( if i am not using eyeliner).  I have never been the most conventional when it comes to make up. If it works for whatever I attempt to use it for then so be it.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of these powders as they feel so nice on the skin. They are smooth and easy to blend. I will definitely be purchasing some more of their products.  I believe that they are a good price for the quality you receive.

Morphe Brushes seem to sell a number of different eye shadow palettes, brushes and some other products.

Below is the what the outside of the packaging looks like,.

I have put swatches below of the colors in the palette:
You can see they are really pigmented and they look so smooth.

The link to purchase this product in Thailand :

*Please note that I purchased this product myself and all opinions of this product are my own.