Christmas in Thailand 2015

Not feeling it...

Usually at this time of year in Thailand my family and I normally don't really have much of a Christmas spirit because Christmas is not celebrated in a big way here.  Coming from a family where we always had big celebrations over the festive season it was hard to adjust to not having huge celebrations and in most cases working on the day...Having a small child we have always tried to have some sort of Christmas, Still it was never the same....

Then things changed...

We then received some news from a family owned restaurant where we frequent that they were having a Christmas party! How exciting, a buffet dinner with roast lamb (my favorite), roast chicken, roast pork, lasagna, seafood, vegetables, salad and of course dessert! WOW, We were so relieved to hear this as we hadn't had Christmas food like that in years.
The very next day, I received a letter from my daughters school announcing that they were also having a Christmas party this included her very first concert!  Boy, we felt like we had hit the jackpot.  So of course we paid our money and reserved seats for both occasions.

Christmas party at my daughters school...

We continued on and waited patiently for the 25th and 26th of December. Finally when the 25th arrived I rushed home to get my daughter dressed for her concert and changed out of work clothes, waited patiently for my fiance to arrive home and off we went.  We arrived at the school and dropped our daughter off at her classroom and went to find our seats and wait for my mom to arrive.  They had some soft drinks and water on the table, we started to quench our thirst.  When the class plays were taking place they started serving different dishes (Thai style), the first dish was sausages, dumplings, fruit and some other items which I am not to sure about.  Later came duck, fried rice and pork dishes.

Needless to say my daughters concert was very cute and she did us proud. 

Christmas party at Bella Coffee

On the 26th we were surprised by an old friend who decided to come visit, we went for lunch and had a wonderful catch up, talking about what we had all been doing for the last year... Then the rain came and we got a bit soaked on the way back to our apartment. In the evening we got ready to go and have our Christmas dinner at Bella Coffee, when we arrived we were welcomed with a glass of wine and some sausage rolls (what a treat, as you don't see these much in Thailand), people were chatting in their groups and there seemed to be smiles all around. The lovely owners of this restaurant had gone out of their way to make it feel really festive, all the decorations and Christmas music really made it feel festive. They were also kind enough to give my daughter a Christmas present. 

They brought out the food... All I can say is Yum yum! The meat was so tender and tasty! We throughly enjoyed it, this was followed by dessert of Tiramisu, I totally went over board on that! Yum yum! Really have to say thank you to the owners for making it feel so festive. 

So in the end we finally had a Christmas that felt a bit more festive. I'll post some photos below. 

You can check Bella Coffee's Facebook page by clicking the following link:

My daughter waiting for her dance to start!

But first let me take a selfie with Mommy

One of her class mates...

Pretty Christmas tree at Bella Coffee!


My delicious plate of food.

Awesome dessert! Needless to say I killed the Tiramasu! 


  1. So glad you could enjoy a festive Christmas ....with good food. At last! Lianne

  2. So glad you could enjoy a festive Christmas ....with good food. At last! Lianne